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We are ***** 5 STAR NEST PRO ***** installers - referred by NEST for TWO years!

We are proud to support the Bowness Legion - Our donation of a NEST 3G and installation services has saved them over $800 per month in heating bills!

Colin Marson - 08 January 2018
Dan came to complete an installation of Nest Thermostats (3rd gen). Sorting out a common wire that was lacking. He did a great job. Providing additional programming tips to save energy. Highly knowledgeable about the product along with home automation in general. Very professional. Highly recommend
Nick - 16 December 2017
Dan is exceptionally friendly and courteous. But most of all he knows what he's doing. He installed a nest thermostat for me on a Honeywell proprietary system. Dan was able to work around the existing setup to install the Nest. He came back the next day to ensure everything was working and to finish up a couple of things. Very professional. I would use Dan again.
Julie - 05 December 2017
Dan was on time and was fast at getting 3 Nest smoke / C02 alarms installed. He also took a look at my furnace for me as I was concerned about my humidifier- he did that at no charge! Kids butt Dan! Thank you!
RemiPro - 05 December 2017
Dan is very professional and knowledgeable, he went beyond my expectation.
Dan - 11 October 2017
Very professional.
Steve - 10 October 2017
Nest installer got back to me within an hour of putting my request in online. We discussed my issue and then decided on a time and date that worked for my schedule to have it installed. Couldn’t ask for better customer service.
Jeff - 09 October 2017
He showed up on short notice was really great to talk with made sure everything worked and took the time to show me how to work the nest thermostat. I would recommend him to anyone
Anonymous - 06 October 2017
My install wasn't simple. The installer came in the evening after a long day. He was determined to get the Nest thermostat working. After a couple of hours, he finally hooked the thermostat directly into the furnace with his own wires and it worked. Turns out the wiring from the furnace to the original thermostat was so old that it was brittle and , I guess, not making a proper connection between the furnace and the thermostat. Highly recommend Eagle One.
Anonymous - 19 September 2017
He was very helpful figuring out a very complicated system that others struggled with
The max electrical load limit for 24 gauge wire is .577 Amps for power transmission. (577mA)
that wire is rated for almost 3 times the current that is read by the NEST thermostat

The power draw from the nest is about 1 kW per month.

1000 W / 30 days / 24 hours / 60 min / 60 sec = 0.0003858 Watts per second.
That is 13 CENTS USD per month to power the NEST!